Go beyond relaxation...

Holistic Bodywork

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Customized Massage Therapy

Massage comes in many forms and changes based on the therapist. No two therapists offer the exact same style of massage. We offer a variety of massage modalities that are blended into a specific customized service designed for you. Our therapists operate from a big picture healing perspective with the understanding that there is not just one cause to pain and dysfunction. It often takes an entire tool box of skills and a series of sessions to treat an issue back into balance and function. We recommend stacking your massage services with other modalities to get the best results. 

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a type of hands on therapy that targets the fascial system.  Releasing fascial restrictions can help to relieve chronic pain, increase range of motion, and even process emotions that may be trapped in the body.  Many people report a deep feeling of relaxation and restoration as well.  

*All of our LMT's have had Barnes MFR Training