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Teffany Minich

I’m a certified transformation coach, DNA-based health coach, Nutritionist, and a body sculpting specialist.

My passion is coaching clients in transformation, manifestation, goal achievement, and abundance. Life's purpose is to enjoy and have fun, turning the mundane into magic. Life is short, so aim for what you desire as the universe responds to your intentions.

My Story

I started as a body sculpting specialist, graduating from the Body Sculpting Academy in LA, then expanded my expertise to include nutrition through IVY Tech and ISSA. I transitioned into health and life coaching to help others on a broader scale.

Diet and exercise are the foundation for optimal health. I include body sculpting to complement health coaching by providing finishing touches or minor tweaks to the body. My goal is to assist individuals in achieving optimal well-being, while emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health before it becomes a concern.

Before & After
Before & After


If you would like to see my availability or book an appointment please contact me directly at

 260-804-8035 call or text

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