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What You Don't Know About Thai Massage...

Learn more about Thai Massage and how it's more than just stretching from our practitioner Julia Hyndman, owner of Tulip Tree Healing Arts Collective.

I'm an artist, bodyworker, and coach and the main one-on-one service I offer is somatic Thai bodywork. This work combines the practice of Thai massage and somatic coaching. The somatic coaching element I weave into my work is important because our post-industrialism, post-capitalistic minds are very cut off from our bodies.

You may be wondering, "What does somatic mean?"

When I use the word somatic, I am referring to the experience of our body. This experience is already woven into Thai massage, and in most Asian and Indigenous practices. What I find is that many of us need more guidance into that rich experience of ourselves. Many of us can agree that our body has the capacity to hold onto its history, and if it's needed, I help my clients move through these unintegrated impulses and conditioned tendencies through the doorways of the body, speech, and mind.

Now let's dive into the Thai component of my work. Thai massage, also called nuad borarn, is considered the art of sacred healing touch and is a branch underneath the umbrella of Traditional Thai Medicine. This ancient practice originates from Thailand, where I just spent the month of January extensively deepening my studies of the practice as a whole.

This is my 9th year as a bodyworker, and nothing could have prepared me for how humbling and life changing it would be to study in Thailand with lifelong masters.

Thai massage takes an elemental view of the body, working along the sen (pathways of movement), to ultimately find balance in the body. This work can be incredibly light and gentle, as well as very deep and firm. Very commonly Thai massage is misrepresented as "thai stretching", when the stretching is actually just a small part. We combine the techniques of deep compressions, line-work, and breath-work, along with stretching to aid a deep release that sticks with you through your week. We use all parts of our body, as the work is done on the floor with clothes on, and have the option of adding cupping, hot compresses, balms, and lineaments- depending on what the client needs that day.

The beauty of this work being on the floor with clothes on, is that we can seamlessly shift and adjust the appointment to exactly what you need, no two appointments are the same. I do have a table, if the floor is inaccessible to you. I also offer coaching on its own, if you would rather not be touched, or would like to do somatic coaching through zoom from the comfort of your home.

If you have any questions or are interested in my services please email me at:

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